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Posted on Sep 23rd, 2014 by Fernando Zamora
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This morning I got bitten by an old and well known bug feature. I only call it a bug because it bites pretty good. When a column is null in a relation database it cannot be implicitly selected. In other words, the record cannot be selected by saying WHERE MY_COLUMN != ‘SOME_VALUE’. It must be selected by explicitly saying WHERE MY_COLUMN IS NULL or in our case WHERE (MY_COLUMN IS NULL OR MY_COLUMN != ‘SOME_VALUE’. Where ‘!=” means not equal. It doesn’t make sense why NULL values get this particular special treatment. Perhap it is because the RDBMS cannot easily compare NULL values to actual values. Or maybe it is too processing intensive. Whatever the reason is, seems that this is a standard practice for all RDBMS’s. So it is something to be aware of. This post on Stack Overflow explains it best:

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